G2 Studio was founded in 2002 in Bari and offers itself as the right partner to design, after a careful analysis and a simple study of your expectations. Deals dasempre safety at work and consulting time to solve complicated issues about the proper handling of the security company. 
The experience "on the field", with the calibration of the plants designed, functional verification of the same, time monitoring of operation, the synergy between all the technological installations in operation and the different componentistiche, allowed to acquire a 'experience such as to ensure proper operation impiantistico than planned and an optimization of the operation of the installations. 
The evolution of the study, has enabled the establishment of an organization able to work better together forming a group that, strong of specific skills and experience is able to offer a complete picture of activity and knowledge. The technical organization intended to combine different experiences and different courses of study staff in architectural design, civil and plant engineering. 
The 'acquisition of various positions in both the public and private sectors and thus the maturation of considerable experience in the field of technological design, meant that it would extend the horizons working embracing 360-degree fields of action of the areas where the study work .all this, it is the result of a highly professional and skilled, the result of continuous training with the 'main objective to achieve high levels of quality and fully meet customer expectations. 
Since 2009 G2 Studio Training Center agreement with Anfos (National Association of Trainers Work Safety). For information about programs and upcoming courses, please contact the email address our customers in security are followed for years in our study and that their suffering has allowed us to create a platform for them to follow distance. (see interactive map)
The engineer Gianluca Giagni, owner of the studio, begins his series "Sine Cura" for the publishing house Edizione VivereIn, publishing in 2015 "Dangerously safe". (Paper version: IBS site - ebook version: StreeLib website), in 2016 it publishes "Dangerouslysafer" and finally in November 2017 "Dangerously almost safe in the world of children". For info: (Paper version: IBS site - ebook version: StreeLib site). For info visit the website
In 2021 "Edizioni G2" was born with the idea of ??continuing the editorial project of the founder, already author in previous years of the "Sine Cura" series. The goal of the G2 Editions is to tell and disseminate the culture of safety at 360 degrees and at all levels, starting from children up to the citizen, outside what is purely technical and scientific. In fact, safety is a universal concept that we find in everyday actions, in what we observe and experience in everyday life.


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