Construction sites safety

G2 Studio offers competent advice to safeguard the health and safety of workers in "Temporary or mobile construction site", according to the safety in the workplace Consolidated (Legislative Decree no. 106/2009 as amended).


"Coordinator of safety and health matters during the design", hereinafter referred to as the project coordinator: the person in charge, by the client or project supervisor that

  • Draws up security and coordination plan;
  • Prepares a file appropriate the work providing the information necessary for the prevention and protection against risks to which workers are exposed, taking into account the specific rules of good practice. The file is not prepared in the case of routine maintenance.

Coordinator of safety and health matters during the realization of the work", hereinafter referred to as coordinator for the execution of the work: the person in charge, by the client or project supervisor that

  • check with appropriate coordination and control activities, the application by the executing companies and the self-employed, their relevant provisions contained in the security and coordination plan and the correct application of the relevant work procedures;
  • verify the suitability of operational safety plan, to be considered as supplementary plan of detail of the safety  and coordination plan ensuring consistency with the latter, where provided for adjusting the security plan and coordination and the file in relation to the evolution of works and any changes, evaluating the proposals of the contracting companies to improve construction site safety, make sure that the executing companies adjust, if necessary, their operational plans of security;
  • organizes among employers, including the self-employed, cooperation and coordination of activities and their mutual information;
  • monitors the implementation of the provisions in the agreements between the social partners in order to achieve coordination between safety representatives aimed at improving safety on construction site;
  • informs the client or project supervisor, upon written notification to companies and self-employed workers concerned, the non-compliance with the requirements of the plan and propose the suspension of work, the removal of the companies or self-employed by the construction site, or cancellation of the contract. In the event that the client or the project supervisor shall not take any action on the report, without providing appropriate justification, the coordinator for the execution of the failure to notify local health institution and the direction of the provincial work territorially competent;
  • suspends in the event of serious and imminent danger, directly observed, the individual processes that took place until the verification of adjustments made by the parties. 

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